Individual Spiritual Direction

Individual spiritual direction involves meeting privately with your director as a way of becoming more aware of God’s presence in your life. 

It is not...psychotherapy or counseling which seek to reduce symptoms and resolve problems.  

It is...a prayerful conversation with a compassionate listener.  Directors are trained in deep listening and prayer.  They will hear what you share and, without judgement, ask questions that help you grow in awareness.

Some directees come for a few sessions to sort out particular issues, some come for many years as a way of staying true to their spiritual path.  Directees often feel more alive, more attuned to their own responses and experiences, and more able to savor the joy of living.  

Spiritual Direction is available in several different formats including:
  • Meet individually with a Spiritual Director each month during scheduled sessions, usually last 45 minutes to an hour. This is Individual Spiritual Direction.
  • Rather than the individual attention, some choose to join a group. This is Group Spiritual Direction.
  • Others take a retreat from their regular schedules to truly focus on their interior lives. They meet with their Spiritual Director daily and use the offerings at Transformations to enhance the retreat experience.

Meet our Spiritual Directors

Our trained spiritual directors have a masters or doctoral degree and a certificate in Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual Directors

Bernadette Dean, CSJ

Bernadette Dean, CSJ is on the staff of Transformations Spirituality Center. Sr. Bernie has served as an educator, teaching   [Read more...]

Betsy Meagher, CSJ

Betsy Meagher, CSJ is the worship coordinator at Nazareth Center, the motherhouse of the Congregation of St. Joseph.  [Read more...]

Elizabeth Tompkins

Elizabeth is a certified labyrinth facilitator and earned her certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  [Read more...]

Georgianna Simon, CSJ

A person's retreat is a time of reflecting and refreshing one's spirit. Georgianna Simon’s passion is that of spiritual   [Read more...]

Gertrude Maurer, CSJ

Gertrude Maurer, CSJ is on the staff of Transformations Spirituality Center. She has served as an educator, retreat   [Read more...]

Jim Majka

Jim Majka has experience in retreat facilitation, spiritual direction and consultation with men in recovery from addictions.  [Read more...]

Laura Smith, CSJ

Laura Smith, CSJ has experience in counseling, consultation, spiritual direction, retreat work, and teaching. She holds masters   [Read more...]

Michele Gossman

Michele Gossman is the Director of the Transformations Spirituality Center. Trained in both Spiritual Direction and  [Read more...]