Spiritual Direction

A path to a deeper connection. 

What is Spiritual Direction?

It is a way to discover the Divine within you and beyond you.  It is an opening up - an awakening to who you really are.  It attunes us to God’s nudging and presence in our lives.


How is it done?

Some people like the privacy and focus of a one-on-one meeting with a director.  Some find real richness in a group setting where all present share their reflections and experiences – where you find that you are not alone in asking deep questions.  Here, we all hold each other in trust honoring that those things that are shared are private.


Who comes to Spiritual Direction?

Regular folks.  Both men and women come, working, and retired.  People from many religious traditions, those estranged from tradition, and those who have never had one.  Those from across a variety of political and social tendencies and those from just about any occupation.


What do we gain from Spiritual Direction?

Directees often feel more alive, more attuned to their own responses and experiences, and more able to savor the joy of living.  


Who are the Spiritual Directors?

Spiritual direction is offered by Transformation’s staff and others who have undergone extensive training, and take part in on-going direction and peer supervision themselves.  They come from a variety of faith traditions and are trained to listen with compassion, without judgement, and keep confidences.


Individual Spiritual Direction

To learn more about individual Spiritual Direction, please call 269-381-6290 ext. 323.   Our directors meet with people during the day, evenings, and/or weekends depending on what works for both director and directee.

Group Spiritual Direction

Group Spiritual Direction Orientation is a prerequisite for those new to the group process.  Group Spiritual Direction sessions are offered each semester, with afternoon and evening sessions available.  Sessions meet 5 times, generally every other week.  Contact us or see our programs page for the next Group Spiritual Direction Orientation.  Those new, who have attended orientation, or returning to GSD will be scheduled in a group depending on space and availability.

Meet Our Spiritual Directors

Bernadette Dean, CSJ

Betsy Meagher, CSJ

Elizabeth Tompkins

Georgianna Simon, CSJ

Gertrude Maurer, CSJ

Jim Majka

Laura Smith, CSJ

Mary Asmonga-Knapp

Michele Gossman
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